Christmas day

It is Christmas day. We are still “snowed in” here, with another 20 – 30 cm since last night piling up. The snow is beginning to slow down, and may be turning to rain soon.

Irene got her main Christmas present a few weeks ago: Coco, who makes cat #7 in our house: you can click on Coco to see the rest of our Christmas pictures.


We are having a quiet Christmas at home because of the snow, but so far it has been a nice time for Irene and I. We’ve opened our gifts, listened to some Christmas music, and I’ve yelled at Irene for peering over my shoulder as I tried to edit Coco’s picture above. Isn’t love grand? 🙂

Here’s a photo Irene took of our cat, Nimbus, peering out from beneath the Christmas tree: sort of by accident, it has some really interesting compositional elements…


Merry Christmas!

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