Gallery updated… still not fully integrated, but getting there

One of the objectives of my web server upgrade was to end up with a Linux/PHP/mySQL configuration that would work with Gallery 2. All of the photos on my site have been managed via Gallery for years now… unfortunately, so long in fact that the version of Gallery I’ve been using is three years out of date.

Not any more: I was finally able to successfully upgrade to Gallery version 2 tonight. The process was reasonably smooth: a couple of hiccups slowed things down

  • I lost all of the long descriptive text I’d written for some photos the first time I imported: I redid the whole process, and using the tools Gallery provides in their migration plugin I redirected my lengthy “titles” into the new description field. Downside: all of the photos now have the default generated titles provided by the old Gallery: things like “aaa” and “aab”. Not a big deal, I guess
  • once the migration succeeded I had a bit of trouble getting links to the old Gallery to “redirect” to the new Gallery. I fixed the problem by creating an empty ../albums directory in the G2 home directory and placing the appropriate .htaccess rewrite rules within

Everything appears to be more or less working: you can see the new gallery at Excuse the default appearance: I’ll get that fixed up once I know a bit more about what the options are. Next on my list is getting the random photo block on this page working again, then I’ll attempt to embed Gallery as a page on this site.

UPDATE: I have the random photo plugin working again: the pictures are appearing properly in the right navigation bar of this site. You should also now see a “Gallery” link above (I’ll likely rename this to “Photos” or something later). Click on that and you’ll see the whole gallery. Currently there are some serious problems with formatting of that page- the fonts are unreadably small, for example. I think I have a handle on how to get that fixed, but I won’t get to it until later. I also may do a re-import of all the photos: the “descriptive text” problem I noted above bugs me, and there is another approach to the problem I will try

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