Upgrading this site (November 3)

I’m installing the new version of WordPress and, assuming that goes well, the latest version of Gallery as well. The site will look strange or be unavailable, formatting will be messed up, and odd things may happen during the next few hours.

I’ll update this posting once the update is done.Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Update (10:25 PM Pacific): basic WordPress upgrade complete; working now on reactivating features; beginning Gallery update- photos will be unavailable until further notice

Update (1:45 AM Pacific): most site functions restored, Gallery operational; I had to roll back (undo) the Gallery upgrade. Something wrong with my PHP/Apache configuration that I’ll have to look at later. A few “minor” things like the random gallery photo that normally appears on my main page are not working, but all the main stuff is fine.

Post-upgrade update: I have more or less restored all of the features here- the random gallery photo is appearing again, I sort of have tags working once more thanks to Christine of Ultimate Tag Warrior fame. I really have to write something up again to thank all the selfless folks who contribute code to the community. I still want to perform a full OS upgrade on my server, but I think I can hold that off now for a little longer.

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