Warm enough for you?

It was 38 degrees Celsius here on Wednesday.  It was about 32 today, and about the same on Monday and Tuesday.  I like warm weather, but “warm” to me is 25 degrees. 

We’d probably have central air conditioning in our house if this kind of weather was common.  Instead, we make do.  Our house has “top opening” windows, so in-window air conditioning isn’t an option for us either.  I bought a portable AC unit a couple of years ago, the type with the big hoses you are supposed to route through the window…but guess what?  There isn’t any real way to mount the hoses / vents in top opening windows either.  I can jury rig something with tin foil and cardboard (I’m serious), but it is generally more hassle than it’s worth.

What this all means is we have a bunch of fans running, and don’t sleep terribly well.  The cats sprawl out as flat as possible in the lowest part of the house most of the time.  Amazingly, though, they actually come up and sleep with us: I suppose being near their pet humans is more important than finding a spot that is a few degrees cooler. 

What do you want to bet that, a few weeks from now, I’ll be complaining about the rain?

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2 thoughts on “Warm enough for you?”

  1. My little House is shaded so it only spiked to 26 lastnight. Mind you it also only cooled to 26 and it’s going to be 33-35 this weekend… my solution is a bottle cap kiddie pool in the back yard with a beer and me in it… (I wish)

    I found my cat laying in the bathtub when I got home lastnight from work. I have no basement so the coolest spot is generally the lino in the kitchen or, I guess when she’s desperate, the cast iron claw foot. Poor girl. I fill it with a bit of water at one end to help with the heat sink action. It sort of works. I remember Thailand at 40 degrees with 98% RH… that, my friend, was fun.

  2. What is a “bottle cap” kiddie pool? I know what a kiddie pool is, but the bottle cap part throws me 🙂

    Our cats like the hardwood and linoleum, or lying on the concrete in the (shaded) cat run. I’m not sure what our relative humidity is here: the little electronic weather station I have has been saying between 75 and 85%, but I wouldn’t propose that it’s super accurate. Unlike Toronto, it doesn’t seem to be normal procedure to quote temperature in “humidex” values here. I found this chart of humidex values: assuming 38 degrees at 70% humidity, that gets us a humidex of 57.

    It is supposed to be cooling off for the weekend here: down to the mid 20s. That is more to my liking.

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