Casinos and Battlefield 2

Today was a good day.  Irene and I met my Mom and sister Judy at the Casino for a bit- that’s always fun.  We don’t really gamble much- it’s basically more of a chance to sit down and have a coffee with just the four of us.  I put $5 in a slot machine, and came home empty handed: perfectly normal 🙂

Later in the day I hooked up with my nephew Shane and friend Jim to kill each other in Battlefield 2.  For folks who haven’t played this game, it is in essence a squad based first person shooter set in “modern” battlefields.  You have Americans, Chinese, and UAE (Arab) military.  Shane killed me many, many times.  I just got the game a few days ago, so that’s my excuse.  Towards the end Jim and I were on the same side (it was really painful when Jim and Shane ganged up on me), and I think we actually had a couple of victories against Shane.  

Gambling and shooting friends: what could be better?

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