Houseguests depart = have to make my own meal

Janet and Gord, friends of Irene and myself from Edmonton (they actually introduced us) came out here last week.  Unlike ordinary houseguests, though, they came to look after us: they fed us, cleaned up, and kept Irene entertained.

I’m not a very good nurse, so I think Irene really appreciated having Janet and Gord looking after her instead.  They distracted her from her post-surgery thoughts, cheered her up, and generally got her spirits up.  And as a side bonus, I didn’t have to prepare any meals for the entire time they were here.  I say “prepare” rather than “cook”, since I don’t actually cook- everything I feed Irene and myself goes from freezer to microwave to plate.  Gord actually *cooked*, creating food from raw ingredients and so forth.

In any case, they’ve been gone now for a few days, and I think both Irene and I miss their presence.  Thanks, Gord and Janet!

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