Kittens galore! Iris…

I admit it…I’m weak.  Put a tiny little kitten in my hands, and I toss all reason and logic to the wind. Nimbus came into our lives through Irene’s volunteering at a local pet shelter.  And now Iris has joined our catty household due to a visit to our friendly vet…


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Click the above picture to see a folder full of kittenhood! 

Iris’ Mom was sadly given up to the vet when her owner realized they couldn’t afford the bills.  Five kittens were born at Langley Central Pet Hospital, and were raised there with plenty of love and attention.  But they needed homes.

I was there with Nimbus a month or so ago, and was invited to see the kittens.  No one suggested that we might take one, but I was smitten.  They were all very cute…and a few weeks later, just before Christmas, I put my name down for one.  Five kittens, and a six person waiting list.  Some others apparently dropped off the list, though, because I got the call a week or so ago to come in and pick out our new kitten.  And I picked little Iris up today. 

I’m the first to admit that we don’t need more cats in the house.  With Iris, we now have seven, which is a crazy number.  But I love them all, and Iris…well, sometimes my heart is my undoing.

3 thoughts on “Kittens galore! Iris…”

  1. So… does that make you crazy cat people? Each year another cat until you are buried in fur and tails? We’ll find you wearing slippers and hair curlers mutter about Bilbo. *smirk* A real sweety you have there. Iris’s not blind in that eye is he?

  2. Crazy cat people, yes. I’m hoping to avoid the curlers, though…maybe fingerless gloves, so I can scoop out a bit of nummy cat food from the tin for myself before I feed my kitties… 😉

    Iris’ vision is supposedly “normal” in both eyes. The defect just impacts the iris itself: its sort of stuck in open mode, with part of the incompletely formed. That means she’ll have a harder time than some cats limiting the light going in to that eye, so she might “squint” or wink in bright light.

    She’s a little hellion. The first cat I’ve ever met who literally “spits” (noise, not spittle…) when she’s angry/scared. She seems to have decided that our other kitten, Nimbus, is a good playmate. That’s a good thing, since he thinks she’s absolutely fascinating.

  3. She not he, sorry about that. I would be mortified to crop up one day and find you with fingerless gloves in the cat tins. 😛

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