Christmas day at Judy and Bryan’s house

We had a great day at Judy and Bryan’s place today.  My brother Colin, his wife Betty, and two of their children, Jacey and Troy, drove up from Edmonton for the Holidays. 

Mom and Jacey

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As usual, Judy fed us all to bursting, and we had a mass of presents to carry home.  We had some energetic discussions regarding the Middle East (“nuke ’em”), criminals of various sorts (“shoot ’em”), and … heck, all the usual topics 😉  It’s the discussions that make the day for me- as long as we all walk away intact and with more thoughts in our heads than when we arrived, it’s all good.

I’m a pretty lucky guy to have family I can reach out and touch periodically…people I can respect, and that generally respect me.  Thanks, Judy and Bryan, for inviting us into your house!

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