I think summer is over…

We had well over 20 cm of snow last night…

It’s still coming down.  And for once the meteorologists had the forecast almost bang-on.  It’s a bit of a shock to go from zero snow, having seen perhaps only two or three days with even light frost, to a “winter wonderland” overnight.  But it is also something you just can’t avoid when you live in a temperate coastal rainforest climate.  Winter means huge moist airmasses smacking into sometimes frigid air- a perfect formula for snowfall.

I’m thinking it was a good thing that I ordered pizza last night- now I have leftovers to survive on… 😉

2 thoughts on “I think summer is over…”

  1. Ahahahaha… *sniffle* Though to be honest when I lived out there watching the bus bounce his way down canada way to the bottom of the hill with a trans am nearly under his bumper… it’s really not that much of a laughing matter really. First the water and now this. 🙂

    Peace from bratty Alberta

  2. Welcome to my Blog, Oblivion!   I’m going to go out on a limb in terms of my porous memory of nom de plumes and say that I think you are probably someone I know well from ancient D&D days, known once perhaps as Rydia in my little game world, who I shall not name for fear of exposing you to cyber stalkers and the like 😉

    The snow is all gone now, and we have green grass. It’s craziness, I tell you- I grew up in Edmonton, and winter was winter. Grass was something dead and brown November through April, often buried under at least several inches of snow but definitely not looking green and healthy. Here, I have actually looked at the grass in December at times and worried I might have to mow the stuff.

    But then, just to mess up my perspective, we get a dump of snow like I described in my initial blog entry. Finding appropriate tires is a challenge. The cats get confused by all the white stuff covering up their nice yard.

    Netting it out, there is beauty to be found (or the opposite) any place. The snow was pretty, even though it meant being housebound for several days. I like the spring and fall here, seasons I didn’t really experience in Edmonton. But I miss the crisp, sunny days in the winter, and the friends I had there. I can’t say I miss the -30 temperatures, but…some folks hate the rain we get here. It’s all a matter of preference and perspective, I guess.

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