Taking in the fresh air…

Irene has been aquasizing for a couple of months now as part of the recovery process from her hip replacement operation.  She’s going an amazing five or six times a week, and it really has been helping her: she’s walking better and better, and has even been able to go on some quiet rides on her horse Spirit. 

When Irene started going to the Y we bought a family membership, and I started going a couple of times a week to run on the treadmill and use the fancy gym equipment while Irene takes her class.  I’m pretty much a walking blob of flab- my strength and endurance are way down from where they were a couple of years ago when I was regularly working out using our Bowflex.  But the sessions at the Y seem to have been helping me a bit as well…I’m feeling a bit more energetic (barring the occasional bout
with IBS), and I’ve even started feeling like joining Irene once in a while on her walks with the dog.

We just got back from such a walk… its a warm day here, I’m guessing heading for the mid-20’s celsius, and sunny- not a cloud in the sky at this time at any rate.  Despite my slight increase in energy, I’m happy here in my cool dark little cave.  Something in my personality craves the mental distance…I imagine in the old days I might have been a scholarly monk, or a hermit in a cave somewhere.

The sun hurtses us, it does….yesss, my preciousss, it does..

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