Happy (?) Easter

I’m not a Christian. I’m also not an athiest. I’m in that dangerous middle-zone: I’m an agnostic.

Being an agnostic means the jury is still out, and in my case always will be. I don’t believe in “God” as described in any theism. But I also think there is an amazing wonder to the near-infinite complexity of the universe having produced something like a flower, or a Kelly. I find it really hard to believe in daily involvement by some sort of supreme entity: if so, he/she/it is a mean, vindictive, cruel SOB. But I could imagine some entity crafting the starting point with the
hope of creating intelligence, then occasionally taking a look in to see how its coming along. Sort of “Enlightened indifference”…

Anyway, today is Easter, a celebration of the death and rebirth of Jesus. If you believe that the son of God came to earth, suffered and died for our sins, and was reborn…well, good for you. For everyone else, myself included: enjoy the time with your family to reflect on the happiness of the natural “rebirth” of spring.  Oh, and peeps- enjoy the peeps

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