Bloggus Interruptus- why I post irregularly

There are times here in Kelly’s World when I post not just daily, but several times a day. This is usually followed by periods of time during which I’m basically silent- sometimes two or three days, occasionally a week or two.

Why am I so inconsistent? Firstly, this blog is a “fun” past time for me- sort of the opposite of work. If writing a post feels like work, I tend not to write it.

Secondly, every once in a while something happens that changes how I blog. For example, I started playing with a new beta version of Ecto V2.0 for Windows a couple of weeks ago. I really want to use it: it has some visual editing features I’ve wanted for a while. But its not working properly for me (something about its registration features). My thoughts turn to this problem every time I sit down to potentially blog, and I feel less inclined to write. Contrariwise, a few weeks before this I started using FeedDemon, which aggragates RSS/Blog feeds from hundreds of sources into a single “view”: the massive flow of news inspired me to write four or five posts over the course of a couple of days.

In addition to the blog-related inspirations/distractions, real life can often alter my blogging habits. My work is sometimes rather demanding. At the moment, in addition to my normal web “event production” tasks, I’m working on an application development project. I have tons of new and fun things to learn about, such that my work day is growing to include evenings and weekends. Then there is Irene’s hip replacement, and sick cats, and all the other little things that pop up and add “variety” to life.

My objective is to keep posting “several times a week”, with several being between one and many times. Fewer than that, and people stop visiting here- and I like visitors! One post a day would be ideal, but I suspect that’s not in the cards. So…keep visiting, hook me into your RSS aggragator (right click and copy the URL into your feed reader) if you like. And thank you for reading my posts when and if I make them 🙂

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