Last night when I went to sleep (a couple of hours after Irene), I found one of Irene’s greatest fears scurrying across the bathroom floor…a spider.

This one stopped as soon as I turned on the light. I swear it was staring at me. I pondered my options. My usefulness as a husband in Irene’s eyes basically boils down to taking out the garbage on Wednesdays and dealing with any spiders in the house. But not killing them- she doesn’t want them killed, just removed from the house. But this spider was pretty big, and so I had to improvise a trap.

I figured out what I needed, and succesfully captured the spider. It didn’t seem too terribly upset, and with some caution I was able to successfully get it down stairs and out the front door. Once I freed the eight legged beasty, it scurried off with great speed like the outdoors was what it had been seeking all along. I saw it reach the curbside, where it flipped the neighbor’s car over and tossed it down the street…

Okay, it wasn’t that big. But its body was a good inch and a half long, and its legspan made it probably close to two and a half inches in diameter. The biggest spider I’ve seen inside our house so far. The closest I get to being Irene’s “hero” is dealing with these spiders, so I have to milk it for all its worth.

And the spider did, in point of fact, scurry off happily down our stairs towards the front yard. I’m pretty sure the neighbor’s car was safe, though đŸ˜‰

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