Its spring here. Actually, its been spring for quite a while, but I think my brain just caught up with that fact. I realized it was spring today when I went outside to have a cup of coffee on our patio. It felt nice to have the sun shining on me, so I came back and set up a lounge chair thing. Then I fell asleep outside on the patio…for about an hour.

I think I suffer, at least somewhat, from SAD (seasonal affected disorder: I probably have that wrong, but its close to that). I find that my emotions start to swing around when the sun starts coming out more. The funny part is, I spend most of my time indoors, even when its sunny and warm. But I guess the ancient brain, deep under all that modern brain goop, still figures out that the seasons have changed and starts to wake up.

I’m not religious, but I guess the whole idea of Easter probably doesn’t have to be exclusively Christian. So, here’s to spring- and to rebirth.

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