It needed an oil change, so…

Regulars here will remember last year when I got my new Acura TSX. I was very happy with that car, and with the friendly service I received from my Acura dealer.

But…when I bought my TSX, I really wanted a GPS navigation system. That feature wasn’t available in Canada last year, so I went without it. Well, this year Acura released their new model TL, which now includes a Canadianized GPS navigation system. I made the mistake of looking at one…and did something kinda stupid…

Say hello to my new car: a 2004 Acura TL. My TSX now graces my dealer’s lot, awaiting a new home.



And yes, I do realize the TL looks a lot like the TSX. Here are two images for comparison:


In addition to the GPS (which is nice), the TL has:

  • a larger, six cyllinder engine producing 70 more horse power (270 ponies in all)
  • an awesome 5 channel DTS / DVD Audio surround sound system
  • a better interior
  • is my favorite (but difficult to maintain) colour, black!

All in all, this is the goofiest I’ve been about a large ticket item like a car. Yes, I got good trade in value on my TSX (I only lost a bit over 10% of the original purchase price). But I’ve never owned a car for less than five years before, so…I guess this was my mid life crisis?

Nah, I’m saving that for the convertable 🙂

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