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My theory as to why some guys are threatened by “Geek Girls”

I’ve been a geek since before I knew the term existed. I would say it probably started when I was about four or five years old, when my sister started reading me The Hobbit. I didn’t truly “identify” as a geek until I was about 14 or 15, and it was part of a […]

Licensed to Ride

I successfully passed my ICBC motorcycle road test on June 15. It was, like all tests, pretty stressful, but once I was finished the effort disappeared into my rear view mirrors surprisingly quickly. I’m planning on taking some sort of “advanced” training in a year or two: my feeling is that simply riding can improve […]

My Vulcan landing pad under construction…

I’m having a parking space built for my motorbike. There isn’t any extra room in the garage for it, and my car is tired of being parked out on the road. But like a lot of things in my life, this simple change is far more complicated than I was originally hoping.



I like new gadgets. This isn’t really a general desire for new things, but rather new technology. Sometimes this desire can be beneficial: as a direct result of my interest in technology that is desnew, I am arguably more aware of the current state of the computer, game console, and smart phone markets. Other […]

Understanding your Nerd

I am a geek, or optionally a nerd if you prefer that term. I know there are some things I am good at: solving complex problems involving computers is probably my forte. There are some things I am pretty terrible at: socializing in general, small talk in a “party-like” environment in particular.


I’m just too white and nerdy…

Weird Al has a spy camera at my house…


Common sense is hardly common…

I am feeling “fat”, and I know exactly what I need to do to fix it.  Eat less junk (not necessarily less *food*, just less junk), and be more active.  But knowing what needs to be done and doing it are two entirely different things.  Fortunately (?), I’ve stabilized for the moment at around […]

String Theory

I spent an hour or so today looking at xkcd, which is a stick-person comic for geeks.  Some of the humour is somewhat esoteric: math and statistics jokes, for example.  But there were plenty of gems.  This one is my favorite so far: