I’m just too white and nerdy…

Weird Al has a spy camera at my house…


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4 thoughts on “I’m just too white and nerdy…”

  1. I’m a white middle class Canadian kid from the ‘burbs and proud of it. I too am white and nerdy.

    I’ve always had issues with the white middle class Canadians whose closest approach to a “ghetto” was flying over one when arriving at LAX imitating all the trappings of U.S. “gangsta” culture.

    I can understand those living in poverty, surrounded by drug houses and gang wars glorifying the experience, trying to take pride in it.

    But I grew up somewhere with very little in the way of class divisions or overt racism, with universal health care and education, where being peaceable, neighbourly hard working and modest about wealth were the great virtues. Where the law is respected, as are people’s rights under it. That’s who I am.

    And I have never understood why I should turn my back on that and try and adopt the ways of minority outlaws from a different country on the other side of the continent.

    So, here is to Al for standing up to take pride in being “white and nerdy!”

  2. “I’m fluent in JavaScript as well as Klingon…”

    “I got myself a fanny pack…”

    Scary…just like he’s here, watching me 😉

    I must admit, though, that I do listen to some rap- mostly the “comedic” stuff, like Funky Cold Medina and such. I also like a lot of heavier rock: but only if I can hear the lyrics.

    I wasn’t from the ‘burbs- I grew up in social welfare housing, but never suffered- that doesn’t change the fact that I’m White and Nerdy 🙂

  3. Well, technically I’m not from the ‘burbs either… I was born in what was for a while considered an “inner city neighbourhood.” But pretty much anywhere in Edmonton, back in the 60’s and 70’s qualifies as suburb by big US city standards of urban decay.

    And since when are you fluent in klingon? 😛

  4. JavaScript and Pascal (which the song also mentions), yes…Klingon, no 😉 Although I did once have the blueprints for the Enterprise, the Making of Star Trek, and a book that talked about the development of the Klingon language. Unfortunately, I’m just as gifted at not learning Klingon as I was at not learning French.

    But not many songs get that close- scary, indeed.

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