Understanding your Nerd

I am a geek, or optionally a nerd if you prefer that term. I know there are some things I am good at: solving complex problems involving computers is probably my forte. There are some things I am pretty terrible at: socializing in general, small talk in a “party-like” environment in particular.

Every once in a while I stumble across something that implies that other people understand me better than I do. An example: The Nerd Handbook , which I suppose could be titled “So you got stuck having a nerd as a companion? You poor bugger…”

An extract from the article:

At some point, you, the nerd’s companion, were the project. You were showered with the fire hose of attention because you were the bright and shiny new development in your nerd’s life. There is also a chance that you’re lucky and you are currently your nerd’s project. Congrats. Don’t get too comfortable because he’ll move on, and, when that happens, you’ll be wondering what happened to all the attention. This handbook might help.

There is also a section on the extremely selective relevancy filter nerds have that sounds incredibly familiar. I tune out things all the time, at home, at work…I hate distractions when I’m focussed. I’ll either simply switch off the distraction or, if it is particularly annoying, growl at it.

I don’t always like some of these aspects of my personality, but I can’t shake them: they are part of who I am. The Nerd Handbook is surprisingly accurate, although nothing is perfect: in particular, I am *not* funny, so that whole section of the article is obviously based on flawed research. But the Handbook is an optimistic piece of writing: it suggests that perhaps some people might care enough for their nerd to want to understand them better.

I like to think that the people who care enough about me will see past my many flaws and perhaps even come to understand that some of those irritating behaviors of mine aren’t bugs…they are features 😉

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