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Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m 44 years old today. I can’t complain about the day so far: my lovely wife gave me two (2!) XBox games for my annual “I’m older but still alive” celebration- Mass Effect and the Half Life 2 Orange Box collection, both of which were at the top of my list of “want” games. How cool is it to be married to someone who will give you games this good for your birthday? And my Mom gave me a very snazzy shirt as a gift- I’m feeling pretty spoiled.

And apropos of nothing…isn’t it neat that an online encyclopedia (Wikipedia) has first-rate information on computer games that were released within the last couple of months? Both of those links above are from Wikipedia, if you didn’t notice. The world is a wonderful place!

My brother Dennis and his kids Dustin and Jhillion dropped by yesterday and we had a good visit for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. I guess calling Jhillion and Dustin “kids” is becoming increasingly inaccurate: both of them are old enough to vote now. Bizarre: it is becoming increasingly obvious that I’m getting old when my younger nieces and nephews are in university and working for a living.

What will I do today? Well, most likely I’ll power on my work laptop sometime today and see what horrors await me there. Maybe I’ll have a celebratory beer later… or possibly something stronger šŸ˜‰

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