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Road Glide: fast idle with ‘fly by wire’ throttle

My 2011 Road Glide is my ‘baby’, and when something starts behaving a bit odd I generally notice it fairly quickly.  Twice now, once last fall and again just this past week, my bike has suddenly started idling at over 2,200 RPM.  The  normal idle is about 1,200 RPM, and the high idle revs make the things I normally do like using engine braking a bit challenging.  Interestingly, if I ‘force rolloff’ the throttle (i.e.: roll it ‘down’ below its neutral point) the idle will drop.  And frustratingly, the problem seems to magically ‘fix’ itself after a while, which has meant getting the service folks to investigate it has been challenging.

I think I have found the cause, as well as a temporary (?) fix.


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