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Cecil the Lion: hunting is not a ‘sport’

There has been a great deal of coverage lately regarding the killing of a single particular lion in Zimbabwe by an American trophy hunter.  I’m angry, and wish no good will upon the pathetic excuse for a human being who ‘hunted’ this lion- but that isn’t what I want to talk about here.


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I recall reading years ago about the potential destructiveness of a tsunami. Naturally, the speculative scenarios were somewhat sensationalized: 1,000 foot waves washing over the east coast of the good old USA…that sort of thing.

Now we have the reality. A 30 foot wave washes over Sri Lanka, India, and other “3rd world” nations. 2,000 estimated dead…5,000…20,000…60,000…120,000. And thousands more no doubt yet to be found. Big sigh of relief: only a handful of North Americans dead! Thank the Lord! Better send some charity over there…how about $30 million?

I look at this series of events and questions arise in my mind.
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