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Something for rich Pen and Paper gamers…

I remember back in the foggy vastness of the past how valuable having a decent gaming surface was when playing Dungeons and Dragons. My friend Chris and I eventually hacked together a particle board, mactac “wood grain” and screw on leg monstrosity for gaming. I’m not sure what ever happened to that, but I’m sure it is a treasured heirloom.

Almost as treasured as something like this: the Sultan gaming table. An actual, honest to goodness piece of furniture beautifully crafted for gamers. Each player has their own “station”, with the game master getting the deluxe treatment. There are dedicated areas for rolling dice, a multi-layer map surface, panels to cover over the game in progress and turn the thing into a massive “multi-purpose” table- it even has cup holders! Mind you, for nearly $10,000, I guess it should have cup holders.   If I were still gaming for half a dozen hours every weekend the way we did back when I was between 15 and 25, I could almost see buying this.

I’m sure Irene would be on board…

Home office refresh 2009

I’m starting on another “refresh” of my workspace at home: this is becoming a distressingly regular (annual?) activity that I’m hoping to put an end to soon. The objective this year is pretty much a total rebirth: minimizing/reducing, painting, and possibly re-flooring and new furniture. The first step was to excise a bunch of “stuff” from this rather small room, and to get ready for the painting which I intend to do myself.

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