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May cause mood swings…

I went back to my dentist today for a follow up regarding the pain I’m experiencing with the tooth that was prepped for a crown.  I’ve now been booked in to see a specialist on Tuesday: an endodontist.  I find it curious that an endodontist is a specialist (according to the Wikipedia link) in the “inside [of] the tooth”.  So, all that drilling, grinding and scraping a normal dentist does, that’s on the outside?  News to me: seems odd that it hurts like it does.  Apparently, endodontists are the guys who do root canals- I was really sort of hoping to avoid that, but the pain trumps my desire to minimize time in the dentists chair, I guess.

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Can’t tawk, my mouf is fwozen

I just got back from the dentist.  Nearly two hours in the chair: in itself, that’s tiring.  But the part that is bugging me at the moment is that the freezing is still fully active.  My mouth feels like its stuffed with cotton or something.  And of course you have to answer a bunch of questions while you are standing at the dentist.  The best part was when my credit card was “declined”: Citibank likes to refuse approval on “unusual” charges periodically.   Trying to talk through that situation is great fun when half your mouth is frozen.

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