A Tale of Two Kitties: Harley and Jasmine

I’ve been really enjoying my motorcycle riding this year.  So much so that I started planning for my “ultimate” touring motorcycle.  I was weighing different features, reading dozens of forums and reviews, and lamenting the several years which I’d likely have to wait in order to save up the cash.  As you might imagine, this non-stop motorcycle this, Harley that, whining and complaining started to get on the nerves of my lovely wife Irene.  Finally, after hearing one too many “<sigh>I wish I didn’t have to wait another two years” noises from me, she snapped:

“Kelly, if I can have two kittens, you can go buy your Harley on terms”

Obviously, my lovely wife doesn’t snap in a mean way.  And that’s how we ended up adding two more kittens to our already cat-crowded home… and it marks the beginning of a stressful period of uncertainty that is still not over.

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