Nova Scotia Vacation Pictures

I decided to avoid procrastinating by converting/uploading all of our vacation photos today. I’m done, and you can check them out in our gallery, or read on for more specific links.

I broke down the collection of photos, creating an album folder for each day as follows

Photos are labelled simply: my apologies if the descriptions don’t provide adequate detail regarding each photo. I’ve also uploaded the final updates and closed off our GPS map track. I didn’t do a good job adding waypoints the last couple of days. I might get really energetic and figure out how to edit the track and add details/clean up some of the paths, but don’t count on it.

Looking back at the photos, I see that I was pretty fascinated with seascapes and with the Confederation Bridge. Fortunately, there was a lot of sea to see (har har) in Nova Scotia 😉

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