CSI Cloverdale: Nutkin is down

Case Number: 20090504.23734.19
CSI ID: 4393 (Adams K)
Case open date: 2009-05-04 14 AM Pacific
Location: Geek house, Cloverdale, B.C.

Victim particulars

  • Complexion: black, wearing fur coat
  • Gender: indeterminate
  • Size: approximately 15 cm excluding 10-12 cm tail
  • Weight: less than 250 gm
  • Gang membership: Sciurus carolinensis (non-native; see also 1914 Stanley Park transplantation)
  • Rigor fixed
  • Lividity indeterminate due to affixed fur coat
  • Liver temp indeterminate due to absence of test equipment re: recent budget cutbacks


  • residence owners in attendance; alibis confirmed
  • several larger, armed witnesses, Gang membership: Felis catus; alibis unsubstantiated
    • although none of the attendant witnesses has a history of violence against victim’s gang, several absent gang members have murder records and recurring violent interactions with Sciurus and Rodentia gangs
  • names and particulars collected by attending officers (see also)
  • all witnesses claimed finding victim already dead upon arrival. One residence owner claims that body was not noticed earlier in the day (approximately 7:30 am) at its found location, but admits she may have overlooked it despite being within two meters of the body’s location

Location particulars

  • body found in living room, approximately 20 cm from couch, in contact with wooden end table
  • small tufts of black fur consistent with affixed fur coat found between body and entryway to room; adjacent (1 meter) front entrance to house
  • no obvious entry location from normal domain of victim. Witnesses alibis re: entry/exit from locale confirmed
  • upstairs purported “exercise” room (noted undisturbed dust on equipment in room) found open; Confirmed with residence owners that room is usually closed, but was left open “accidentally”
  • investigation of exercise room revealed open access door to attic storage space; residence owners “certain” door was not opened by them
  • Felis catus witnesses claimed inability to open door due to lack of opposable thumbs disproven during investigation; one of the witnesses, thinking herself unobserved, opened the door again after it was closed
  • evidence of rodentia presence in the form of scat found within attic storage space

Location photo

Body photo

Body photo with size comparator

Analysis and preliminary conclusions

The rigor mortis suggests a time of death (TOD) at between 8 and 26 hours before arrival on scene i.e. between May 3 8:30 AM and May 4 2:00 am. Fur tufts found at the scene suggest that the body was dragged and possibly otherwise disturbed postmortem. Resident testimony that body was not present earlier is assessed as unreliable, but no evidence exists to contradict this. Evidence of lengthy victim presence in attic storage space and open doors allowing entry suggest probable location of death within attic. Disruption in space consistent with violent encounter or general untidiness.

The human residents of the house are not considered probable suspects: they lack motive. The Felis Catus gang members are the most likely suspects: recommend close examination of autopsy results for clearer cause of death. Correlation with weapons possessed by Felis Catus gang members (claws and teeth) plus DNA samples associated with same should provide probative data.

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