Must. See. Iron Man

I vaguely recall hearing that an Iron Man movie was in the works, but more or less ignored it. I like superhero movies when they are done well: Batman Begins was done well, the first Spiderman was done well, but many (most?) such movies end up being more or less… bad. And I didn’t have a lot of hope for Iron Man.

I saw a trailer today that changes all of that. Check it out, then tell me that Iron Man doesn’t look cool.

May 2, 2008: will the movie be as good as the trailer? One can hope…

4 thoughts on “Must. See. Iron Man”

  1. I’ve been trying not to pay much attention to it… but I do want to see it. For some strange reason, Iron Man was my favourite comic book as a kid. Not that I read a lot of any comic books, and I don’t remember a hell of lot about it (I do remember multiple guys wearing the suit though.)

    But for some reason a rich guy with a heart condition that has no special powers of his own, but develops a super powered suit, struck a chord.

    I guess Batman was too Dark … or silly at that time of it’s existence. And all the super people with innate super powers just didn’t seem real enough fro me to identify with.

  2. I like the “new” Batman, and the very “old” Batman, but when I was a kid Batman was so campy it turned me off entirely. Other than Eartha Kitt playing Catwoman, that is…

    Iron Man and Spiderman are also on my ‘favorite superhero’ list. I guess I like the guys that have some obvious character flaws, who at least start as more or less “normal”, and who aren’t totally invincible. I wouldn’t say, however, that I was ever a particularly dedicated comic superhero fan until later in life.

    One thing I noticed with Iron Man was that the Tony Stark character immediately reminded me of the main character in Lord of War (which by the way I liked a lot). The arrogance, the “is it better to be feared… or respected? Is it too much to ask for both?” comment… take that and put it through a wringer, and you have an interesting “anti-hero”, one I’d like to find out more about.

  3. From what I remember of the comics Tony Stark was a bit like that. In that Bruce Wayne was this deep sombre character that pretended to be a flighty playboy, Stark was a self indulgent mega rich arms manufacturer that liked his girls, his toys and his parties and found the “hero” inside of him the hard way … and was never really comfortable with it.

    Bruce Wayne / Batman was quite happy to be called away from a party. Tony Stark wanted to take care of the bad guys as quick as possible so he could get back to the cocktails 🙂

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