Top issue for 2008 U.S Election? Bullshit…

I found this parody video from the Onion to be a bit too close to the mark…

The truth is, I suppose, that the “real” issues are too hard to judge for most people. And answers to questions like “where do you stand on public health care” or “what is your position on America’s war in Iraq” don’t translate into nice, short soundbites.

But whether a politician wears a hard hat or jeans… now that’s bullshit the average voter can understand 🙂

2 thoughts on “Top issue for 2008 U.S Election? Bullshit…”

  1. Top U.S. commanders in Iraq announces troop levels there will gradually decrease over the next five years as, soldiers die.

    I liked the scrolling “news” at the bottom 🙂

    That pretty much sums it up though…kind of depressing when the reason(s) someone gets elected has virtually nothing to do with how that person could help, but more about what kind of toothpaste they endorse.

  2. Heheh 🙂 Yeah, I caught that bit in the scrolling news as well.

    The sad thing is… I suspect I’m just as “shallow” and prone to follow the bullshit rather than the politician’s real policies as anyone.

    Partly, I can can justify that by saying that I’ve always had a hard time being able to tell when a politician is being “real”, and when they are just saying stuff that they think people want to hear. That is, I can’t figure out what their real policies are, so why bother trying to assess them? But truthfully, it is a whole lot easier to just form an unfounded opinion about an individual politician than it is to actually take the time necessary to research their real intentions.

    And I’m lazy, so easy is good 🙂 But I’d really kind of like it if the news services at least *tried* to focus on real issues. I guess that doesn’t sell enough advertising, though.

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