Still a few things to do on the website…

I still haven’t completely restored the Gallery here on my ol’ website. The Gallery itself is still here, and still works fine, but the code that puts a little random picture here on the blog isn’t working quite right so I’ve left it turned off for now. My intent is to upgrade the gallery software itself before I re-activate that plugin. It is only a couple of hours of work, but I’ve been distracted this week. I’ve also been researching a few nice new features of the updated Gallery that I want to incorporate into this blog- we’ll see how that works out.

I’m off to the Casino shortly to see my Mom and sister, and then I have a bit of office work to do… so it is unlikely that the Gallery update will get done today. Mostly, though, I didn’t want any of my regular visitors (all three of you 🙂 ) to think that I’d forgotten.

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