Pussy pictures…

I have a couple of kitten pictures of Iris and Bilbo that show how a fourteen year old and (at the time) a 14 week old kitten can co-exist.

Bilbo and Iris

 This is a pretty common way for Bilbo and Iris to curl up together.  Bilbo basically flattens Iris…for her part, Iris purrs and licks Bilbo. 

Bilbo and Iris

And this is Bilbo and Iris on Irene’s lap.  In this case, Bilbo was there first- Iris came and wormed herself in, and the both started purring. 

It’s worth noting that, the first few days Iris was in the house, she arched her back and hissed at nearly all the cats in the house.  It took a few days for them to settle in, and Bilbo was very kind to her throughout the process of adjustment.  Within a week, the kind of behaviour you see here was normal.

… and no, this post isn’t an excuse to put the word “pussy” on my website 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pussy pictures…”

  1. Lies!

    Sorry, my dear, but the thought of you saying pussy kind of made me giggle. *smirk*

    Glad to see the feline quantity is doing well (wife too!) 😛

  2. Heheh 🙂 Yeah, I originally wrote “Kitten Pictures”, but then thought “Hey, let’s do a little test of search engine keyword loading…”

    If you want to hear a regular stream of “pussy” double entendres, you have to tune in to the old BBC show “Are you being served?” The older female sales clerk has a cat at home, and some of the lines are so bad they almost bring tears to my eyes. I particularly remember the episode where the weather was very warm, and the saleswoman was going on and on about how her cat was overheating…

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