Office cleanup: pictures!

In the “my God, I can’t believe he took pictures of that…” department, I give you…pictures of my office cleanup!

For the protection of the squeamish, I’ve put the pictures behind a break.  Click “Read the rest…” to see them…if you dare!

cleanup in progress

In progress: After about six hours of work…

In progress: yes, it actually looked worse than this to start

After: this is more or less complete- still a few boxes to remove, but mostly done

Behold: the much-improved wiring situation

The wiring took forever, and I’m far from satisfied with it.  In a perfect world, all the wires would disappear under the floor or something.  But I now have all the wires running “cleanly” from point to point.  The whole second desk (the woodgrain in the picture above) can roll fairly freely around without pulling on a bunch of cables.  and much of the wiring is routed through the conduits (the Belkin panel thingy you see attached to the wall above), which minimizes the tangle-factor significantly. 

I managed to even hang a couple of pictures on the wall.  The one you see on the floor in the second “in progress” picture above, for example, by my friend Chris.  It’s been waiting to be hung for six years now: I’m a skilled procrastinator 🙂

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