Visiting folks

Irene and I went to visit my sister Connie today and to see the house she bought and refurbished.  She’s done a really nice job taking an older home that had been used and abused and turning it around.  Lots of TLC has gone into the place, but more importantly it’s her house- and it has a yard!

I really enjoyed our visit- and next on our list was dropping off some doggy items with my nephew Shane.  But when I called, he wasn’t answering, so instead we went to his Mom and Dad’s place to leave the stuff there.  Of course Judy wouldn’t let us out the door without some kind of treat and a visit…so we spent a couple of enjoyable hours there visiting with Bryan and Judy.  Shane came over from his place, and we enjoyed soup, tea, and snacks…like I say, Judy makes sure anyone who comes calling
is well-comforted and fed.

We are back home now, and I’m feeling guilty because we didn’t drop in to visit Mom.  Well…by the time we were leaving the McFarlands’ place, I was wanting to get home- no excuse, just a fact.  Mom will understand- she knows her Son well 😉

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