Argh…comment spam, and delayed comment approvals

My apologies to folks who have posted here in the last several days and never say their words of wisdom appear on the site. I’m calling out here to Daren (who commented on my Linksys/Linux connection failure item), James Lynch (who commented on my NSLU2/ Linux Samba post), and my very own sister, Connie, who probably didn’t post exactly where she wanted to but I love her anyway.

What happened is this. Firstly, for some unknown reason I stopped receiving email notifications from my blog when I have something to moderate. I’m still not sure what’s going on there, but I’ll look into it. Secondly, I received something like 50 spam comments over the course of the week or so that I wasn’t receiving notifications, so when I finally *did* get to moderating I had to dig through a lot of crapola.

I really, really like getting comments here from people. I figure if I inspire someone to comment, good or bad, then its like they give me a “gift” of their time. I have to moderate comments in order to keep the site clean of spam. Once you’ve been approved for one comment, though, your future comments should go through automatically without me approving them.

Anyway…you have my apologies. I’ll be looking at some ways to at least let you know that your comments are queued for moderation when you post- at least that way you wouldn’t think something is broken other than me 🙂

UPDATE: I figured out why I was not receiving email notifications for postings here. My server got confused about what its hostname was, and postfix didn’t like that. I think I have the OS and postfix talking together happily again, so I should be getting “awaiting moderation” notices once again

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