Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed…

I was driving in to work this morning…the usual stop and go on Highway 1. I had just entered the highway and noticed traffic had come to a complete stop. I came to a complete stop, and a second later my car was propelled forward a couple yards into the car in front of me…the guy behind hadn’t noticed that the traffic wasn’t moving.

I really like my car. I’m not a fanatic who goes to shows every weekend, or who polishes his car with secret oils gently caressed from rare plants that only grow in endangered rain forests. But every time I get i n my Acura TL I feel good, and I’ve only had it for a little more than a year.

As it was…

And after today…



No one was hurt, it was “the other guys” fault, we were all insured…and, as luck would have it, there were several cops standing nearby who witnessed and wrote up the accident report. As such things go, I guess it wasn’t too bad. But I still feel robbed of the joy my car gives me. Here’s hoping it comes back after repairs all sparkly and perfect.

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  1. Hehe 🙂 Anything is possible. Funny thing is how much a (relatively) small accident like this can shake me up. I was not able to form my thoughts very coherently immediately afterwards. When the police officer asked for my registration, I couldn’t remember what it looked like (no nice pink piece of paper in BC- all the forms look the same)- I just sort of stared blankly at my insurance folder and said something like “I’m from Alberta”. The cop looked at my plates then back at me and I said “…five years ago.” Thankfully, the cops were pretty understanding and just pointed at what they needed 😉

    The lady whose car was in front of mine had just suffered another accident yesterday. Two days in a row, both rear-enders. She had a good sense of humour about it and I was pretty glad that I had stopped well back of her, so by the time my car reached hers it was a relatively gentle hit. The guy who hit me was a little ticked at me at first (“What kind of stop was that?”), but when all the cops showed up saying things like “the Acura had come to a complete stop” and “the grey van was at fault” and he realized he was in the wrong, he got a little more relaxed.

    The reality is that the rush hour drive on Highway one is like russian roulette. The stop and go…literally coming to a complete stop a dozen times, rolling along at 15 km/h, merging over and over… puts you in the danger zone many times every day. I have learned to take it calmly, not change lanes much, and just try to relax- but that doesn’t mean the “gun” won’t go off.

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