I have seen the light

Per my previous post, I have been working on an updated format for this site for the last couple of days. I just finished spending about two hours trying to fix a formatting problem…and it turns out to be a bug with Internet Explorer.

There are a lot of well known Internet Explorer bugs pertaining to properly rendering modern web pages using CSS. I’ve known this for quite a while, but until today I really hadn’t bumped into it too seriously.

Supposedly many (most?) of these formatting/rendering bugs will be fixed in the next release of Internet Explorer, version 7. Thats not going to be released for a while so, for now, I’m switching to Firefox. I’ve been using Firefox at work for months and its pretty good, but I kept using IE at home. Those days are over.

If this page isn’t looking quite right to you, you have a choice. Wait for the next release of Internet Explorer and put up with it, or download and install Firefox.
Get Firefox!

3 thoughts on “I have seen the light”

  1. Heheh 🙂 Yeah…I can understand that. Personally, I’m not that adamantly anti-IE/Microsoft. I remember the days of Netscape 3/IE 3, when it was such a relief to use a browser that didn’t crash every time I used it…I’m talking about Internet Explorer. And NS Navigator 4.x was a horrible mess, Navigator 6 wasn’t much better. The Mozilla engine products, though, and Firefox in particular, seem nice and tightly written.

    I’ll likely give IE 7 a shot when it comes out. Even if I don’t use it, I’d rather have a few really solid options to choose from, and its pretty unlikely that IE won’t be one of them. As a web developer, I’d particularly like to have two or three highly standards compliant browsers that together have 95% or so of the market so I can develop for those and spend time developing features not fighting browser incompatibilities. Unfortunately, it all boils down to what our users visit our site with- if its 85% IE, and 7% Firefox…guess which bugs I have to fix 🙁 Fortunately, here on this site, I can be less diplomatic.

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