Gradually re-adding articles

I’ve started the process of migrating my bigger pieces of content from the old site. For folks who haven’t had the pleasure, this includes larger chunks of text I’ve written about topics like Dungeons and Dragons, massively multiplayer gaming, and some of my computer projects. They don’t really have the same sort of timeliness as a blog posting, and are prone to being rather lengthy.

You’ll see material appearing over the next several weeks under the “Other Content” banner. Some of the pages will be incomplete, will appear badly formatted, or have broken links initially as I work through the process of migration.

My apologies, but this is almost entirely a manual exercise: some of these documents are absolutely ancient and were first published on line seven or more years ago. You might reasonably wonder why I’m bothering to migrate such “niche” documents that are so very old. To be honest, I’d don’t think I understand why I want to keep these myself…but I do.

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