Coming together

I just added in RSS feeds from Google News and Slashdot on the right navigation bar of the main page here. The basics of my new, “improved” site are almost all in place- in essence, everything you used to see in the old site is here now.

Still MIA are my essays and such, which will take me a bit of grunt work to move over. The old site is still intact, but I’ve basically put it into “zombie” mode- the news updates are pretty much turned off entirely. I’ll probably leave it in this state until I move over my articles and make sure that nothing I need/want is missing: probably a few weeks at least.

If you are here, take a moment to leave a comment or two. In particular, tell me if there is anything from the old site that you think is missing here, or anything in particular that you like/dislike about this new configuration. Bear in mind this change had nothing to do with aesthetics. How the site looks takes a distant second place to how easy it is for me to add/maintain content of the type I enjoy working with. But I do still hope that visitors here enjoy the experience, so let me know 🙂

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