No Justice

I am getting tired of reading news stories about people committing violent crimes with their cars and then getting off with the judicial equivalent of a DUI conviction

In this specific instance, I’m referring to young Mr. Michael Plante and his violent assault with a stolen truck upon the Bajwa family. Charged with four years, Mr. Plante gets a two year credit for the one year he’s spent in jail. Two years for hooking up with his drug-blitzed buddies, stealing four vehicles, then driving through a red light and plowing into a family’s car. For causing permanent debilitating injuries….he’ll probably be out on the street again in 12 months, buying some crystal meth, and going out to party with his friends again.

What the hell is the judge thinking? No doubt, our legislators need a kick in the pants to give clearer instructions to the judiciary. But the judge had the option of putting the guy away for a full six years…and didn’t. Instead, he says the convicted man wasn’t driving recklessly until his three thieving bastard buddies got ahead of him, and he did try to use the brakes in the big fricking truck he had just stolen, so we should cut him some slack.

Dear Justice Brian Joyce…understand this clearly. The average Canadian citizen is sick and tired of such liberal sentencing. Any injury done to an innocent bystander during the commission of a crime should be considered no differently than if the criminal whipped out a gun and started shooting into a crowd. The criminal’s age or crocodile tear remorse should not turn attempted murder into a parking ticket. Two years is not enough.

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