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House Upgrade 2008 Part IV: a roof over our heads

The deck construction is almost finished. Almost… a slippery word, that can often mean “never”. Since the last posting on this topic, here is what has been completed:

roof framing assembly (structural steel trusses) constructed aluminum framing and acrylite / polycarbonate roofing panels installed electrical roughed in exposed steel clad in cedar deck stairs […]

House upgrade 2008 Part III- the deck cometh

It took a bit longer than planned due to some delays with the arrival of the composite decking material, but now our deck surface is complete!

Here is what the framing looked like:


House upgrade 2008 Part II- the spa arrives

Our deck and spa replacement project has sort of been in “standby” mode since my initial post. Since then, the concrete spa pad and deck supports were added, but not much else could be done until the spa itself arrived. That day was today.


Vacation starts…

My vacation started on Friday. Well, technically, the days off work start on Monday, but on Friday I realized I’d already worked 50 hours for the week by about noon, and I was feeling beat… so I set up my out-of-office email auto-responder agent, changed my answering machine message, and shut down my work […]

UPDATED: House upgrade 2008: the deck and spa

I turned in my beer bottles and decided to put the windfall towards a new deck. Step #1 is: destroy the old deck.