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Our vacation: Victoria Tall Ships 2008

Irene and I spent the last five days over on Vancouver Island in Victoria for the Tall Ships Festival. I had a good time, and would particularly recommend seeing the Tall Ships to someone who has a moderate to strong interest in the age of sail. So what did we see? Well, a lot of ships, of course 😉

I’ve put a couple hundred pictures up into the Gallery- I’m sad to say that the majority of them are unlabeled, as is often the case when I upload large numbers of photos. You can click the photo below of the Eagle to go to the Gallery folder if you like:

click here to see a slideshow of the whole set of Tall Ship Vacation pictures I took.

On a related note… one of the evenings when I was recovering from far too much sun, I took a couple of pictures of Chris’ hotel from the little balcony on our room. I thought it would be funny if I, perchance, happened to catch Chris or one of his family members out on *their* patio. I couldn’t see them through the viewfinder, so I figured it was a lost cause…

That’s pretty much what I saw, except quite a bit smaller through the camera’s viewfinder. Chris’ room was on the third floor, towards the center of the picture…can you see what I saw later when I was reviewing the photos? Here, let me help you…


I’ve only known Chris for 30 years, so I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that’s him, shading his eyes and looking directly back at me 🙂 For comparison, here is a photo of Chris taken earlier that same day:

Now… I could be imagining things, but if you look at that enlarged photo above, doesn’t it look like Chris was holding a camera? What is the chance that he was taking a photo at that exact time (Friday, June 27, 7:10 PM according my photograph’s EXIF data)? <shudder> That would be far too spooky…

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  • Yep. That’s me. And yes that is my camera in hand.

    I’ll have to check see if I was taking a picture of your hotel at that time… and hope I kept the curtains closed the rest of the time! 😮

  • I wasn’t trying to spy, honest! Mostly, I was just feeling kind of wiped, and it was cool at that particular moment on our little balcony, and the camera was nearby…

    But it is a good illustration as to why the idea of having thousands of high-resolution cameras in public places, accompanied with advanced facial recognition software, is a bit on the 1984-scary side of things.

    Back to drinking my icy pepsi and trying to stay below the vaporization point…

  • It does make you wonder why the paparazzi have to get right up in people’s faces… they don’t have to to get pictures, neither you nor I have expensive equipment and you could get pics of me from a good 1500m away.

    As to people tracking you with cameras in public places and recognition software … my problem with that isn’t the tracking but not knowing who is doing it. As long as I got the name and address of the person doing the “find all instances of this guy” search, I’d be fine with it. Level playing field and all that.

  • Shane

    Sounds like you all had a lot of fun, and the weather couldn’t have been better :), well maybe a little cooler, but I don’t think you will find many of us B.C. folks complaining about the heat, after the craptastic spring we have had 😉

  • The weather was great 🙂 The only problem was me: I seem to be a lot more sun-sensitive than I used to be, and I was always extra sensitive. Nothing that some time in doors and some Solarcaine can’t fix, though 😉

    Funny, though: after a spring complaining about how crappy our weather has been, now I want air conditioning 🙂

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