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More catching up…our Anniversary!

Cracking open the vaults of time again….Irene and I celebrated our anniversary back in July (July 14, to be exact).  We took a little 2 day vacation for our anniversary this year, heading to the island on Friday and returning on Monday.  We spent the night in Chemanus, at the Castlebury Inn Bed and […]

Pictures from Chris’ visit

Back in the olden days (June, 2006), my best friend Chris came out to the coast for a vacation. We visited, and I posted some pictures from one day of the time he was here.


Long silence…catching up

I haven’t been posting here for a loooong time: over a month, I think.  So, what’s up?

In the past month, I’ve been doing the following things:

spent a lot of time exploring Second Life caught and started recovering from a really bad cold.  I’m still sick, but gradually returning to normal worked took […]