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Mary Carey running for governor of California

I was browsing through my blog feeds today and came across a reference to Mary Carey, a well known porn star, who has decided she’d like to earn more for screwing people. Yes, that’s right, she’s decided to become a politician. She’s gathering signatures so that she can be listed on the next election for governor of California. I must say I like her campaign photo…

IMAGE: Mary Carey for governor

First I understand that she has to get 150,000 signatures so she can get on the California ballot- hopefully that works out. Then put yourself in the situation of the average Californian voter. Stuck with having to choose between Mary Carey, and Arnold Schwarzenegger…politics has never been so strange. It almost makes the idea of moving to California sound kind of fun…

UPDATE: apparently Mary isn’t the only porn actress to run for governor this year: Mimi Damayo is running for governor of Nevada. With luck the Americans will have a porn star as President in a few years…

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  • John

    man this is awesome u c this is wut we need , and anyways who cares if shes a porn star she’s a sexy bitch who could make anybody go crazy for her i say yes too that sexy bitch man… come on i mean she’s like the sexiest bitch that i have ever seen…maybe she could come and strip for me…lol

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