Site upgrade Complete

I’m upgrading the WordPress engine that delivers this blog to the latest version. The site will be somewhat “broken” until I’m done: my apologies for the inconvenience! The upgrade is complete, but not without the usual “oh dang, that’s broken now” moments.

  • WPG2/Gallery scare: For reasons I can’t recall clearly, I had symbolic links to the Gallery2 code directories from the WPG2 plugin directory. I attempted an automatic plugin install in WordPress after upgrading. It deleted the entire Gallery2 codebase. Fortunately I had backups
  • Permalinks: Permalinks are a feature of WordPress that use HTTP re-write rules to turn long and complicated URLs into something human-readable. Getting this work after an upgrade is often challenging- it seems as if the plugins never quite work as expected. This time, the “final” correction was to disable WPG2, re-write (save) permalinks and confirm all of the other site features still worked, then re-enable WPG2. While I was working on this, the main site page worked but most of the links to categories and sections were broken in various ways

I look forward to having a perfectly clean upgrade of WordPress one day. For now, however, it seems every upgrade is a voyage through a form of mild insanity…

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