Crazy Brat Woman has another litter…

A woman who already has six children from in-vitro fertilization treatments now has eight more thanks to another such treatment. Although I hope her kids turn out okay, I really have to think that this woman needs some serious psychological counseling. What possible motive could an unmarried woman have for trying to pump out spawn like a hyper-active salmon? Kids need a proper parent with an adequate amount of time for each child, not some sort of crazed assembly line of half- assed care and perverse media attention.

I also despise the premise that our only purpose in life is to fill our world with more motile DNA replicants. We are a cancer on this planet, sucking down resources and spewing out waste and destruction with no obvious goal but to suck down more resources and spew out more waste next generation. 7 billion people is already several billion too many, and yet there are still people who think birth control is a sin, and who believe demented and misguided people like this obviously mentally unhealthy woman are “saintly”.

“God will provide”, the so-called “mother” says: oh by jiminy, there’s our answer: she’s a religious fruitcake who thinks the “be fruitful and multiply” part of the bible still applies in our modern world.

There are a ton of facts here that just don’t seem to add up. First, most fertilization clinics will (and should) refuse to implant so many embryos at one time, particularly for a woman who already has several children. Second, these kinds of fertilization treatments are, so far as I am aware, very expensive. On the order of tens of thousands of dollars. So who funded this insanity? Where were the medical ethics of the doctor involved at the time of the treatment?

Along with hearing about some equally unbalanced 70 year old woman flying to India to get similar treatments… and getting pregnant… it all collides to make me really despise certain elements of my species. I don’t consider pumping out brat after brat beautiful”, “inspiring”, or “motherly”. I see this act as very nearly equivalent to pedophilia or child abuse. *This* is the kind of thing that there should be laws against, not stem cell research. Quality, not quantity: good Lord, Idiocracy seems more prophetic every day.

I guess there is one plus side: a couple more kids, and this one woman can field two complete football teams <shudders>

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