Site restructuring underway

You may noticed that some odd changes here during the past day or so. This is part of a long term plan I’ve had to tidy up and “rethink” the structure of the site.

The plan is to have easily accessible links to posts specific to each category as part of the main site navigation. The categories I’ve selected are:

  • Gear: Computers, video, hardware and general gadgetry
  • Games: computer and console titles, both reviews and general discussion
  • Girls: women that geeks who like women will like… I have work to do here, but expect to see Number 6, Seven of Nine, and others showing up here
  • Geek Miscellany: Science, advanced technology, and related topics that don’t fit in any particular category
  • Rants: My occasional (usually over the top) opinions on things like politics, the news, and other stuff
  • Life: what is happening in my immediate vicinity- family, around the house, and the like
  • Critters: News and information about the animals that share our domicile
  • Site News: posts like this one that talk about this blog

Each of these choices will lead you to a page that gives a brief description of the category and contains only matching posts. Once I get things working the way I want, the main or “Home” page will only list brief summaries of each post. At the moment, the categories are more or less in place, but some of the site navigation features aren’t working quite right yet. I expect to have the main details ironed out in the next couple of days, so bear with me.

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