Man accused of rape + murder claims he didn’t know she was dead…

I apologize in advance for making light of a tragic and horrifying circumstance. But the defense put forth by a man in Britain accused of raping and murdering a young model just leaves me amazed.

Sally Anne Bowman was found dead on a driveway near her home. Semen that is a DNA match to Mark Dixie, the man accused of her murder, was found on the body. According to Mr. Dixie, who knew the victim, he came upon her lying on the driveway, seemingly unconscious, and decided to have sex with her. It was only after the fact that he noticed she was dead.

It bears mentioning that Ms. Bowman had been stabbed seven times and was lying in a pool of her own blood at the time. Mr. Dixie claims not to have noticed this. And he was never found guilty of a brutally violent assault and rape of which he was accused several years earlier in Australia, so his lawyer claims that the previous incident is immaterial to this current case.

Basically, this bastard’s defense is that he is a completely disgusting and apparently totally ignorant excuse for a human being. But he didn’t murder anyone. Because that would be, you know, *bad* or something.

It sounds to me like the world would be a better place if we just shot Mr. Dixie, cremated him, and shot his ashes into the sun to avoid any chance of contaminating the planet further.

That said, I have an interesting time visualizing discussions between Mr. Dixie and his lawyer. “No, I don’t think anyone will buy you having sex with her *before* she was dead…let’s go with the necrophilia defense, that’s easier to sell”

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