Barack Obama: Yes We Can

I don’t know much about the U.S. elections. I’ve sort of been absorbing the democratic nominations… I think I would be more or less happy with either Hillary or Barack becoming President. The republicans? Hmmm: the only ones I’ve heard about seem to be Right wing evangelist fruitcakes who think the earth was formed in 7,000 years and that homosexuals will damn all of us to hell.

In any case, it isn’t often that I see something relating to a political process that makes me feel good. This video made me feel good– it is based on a speech given by Barack Obama that was turned into a video by a number of musicians. I like the message- enough with the policies of fear and hatred, lets start thinking in terms of hope and what we *can* do, not what we can’t.

Yes, I realize it is all just words, and politicians are masters of the Big Lie. But hope is something sorely lacking in American politics, and seeing a politician talking about hope is inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama: Yes We Can”

  1. You realize it’s just politics and politicians are masters of the Big Lie, but you are a Canadian; and we have different expectations of our politico’s.

    Americans tend to be very “earnest.” It is one of their good traits as a people, but it also means they end up hurt and betrayed when their leader turn out to be just flawed humans.

    I could live with either Hilliary or Barak in the Whitehouse … simply because it has been 20 years since a US president wasn’t named Clinton or Bush I’d tend ot give the nod to Obama. And he certainly has tapped into a desire among the rank and file Americans who are sick of partisan politics.

    But that is how the US system is designed and set up. He will be a remarkable man indeed if he can break free of that even a little, much less shatter the walls completely.

    I hope the American public doesn’t set itself up for big disappointment, if he turns out to be, as he must be, a mere mortal.

  2. Have you noticed that there is almost no mention of the Republican candidates? I hardly ever even hear their names. It is always “Hilary and Barack”. It could be that somehow I’m tuning out all the Republicans, but I don’t think so.

    Has the media already decided that the next President will be a democrat? Or is something else at work here?

  3. Maybe once the two candidates ( weee, a whole two choices!! ) the Media will pay more attention.

    It’s pretty much the democrats race to loose. No republican can overcome the stink of Bush and Iraq. The question will be can the republicans get enough of their hardcore religious and kneejerk voters mobilized and rig enough election machines to come close enough to steal the election if the democratic candidate screws up.

    40% of US voters would vote republican even if Jesus came down from heaven and declared himself a democrat. But how many will bother to vote is open to question… I suspect more would get up and vote against Clinton than would Obama … they’ll accept a Black Man before a White Woman.

    Expect lots of nasty negative ads given lots of coverage of that negativity by the media aimed at whoever wins the Democrat nomination

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