The Golden Compass

I’m obviously totally out of it…I’ve missed the train, the ship has sailed and I’m not on it, and whatever other cliches you might wish to add that describe someone who is oblivious to popular trends.

I just read about a new movie coming out that I had had never heard of before. That isn’t surprising: there are a great number of movies that come and go that I never hear about either before or after they hit the theaters. But this is a *fantasy* movie, for Pete’s sake. And what is even more shocking: it is a fantasy movie based on a very popular trilogy of fantasy books…that I’ve *also* never heard of.

I’m taking about The Golden Compass, which is based on the novels by Philip Pullman. It is a story that sounds promising: an alternate world, where people have souls that visibly manifest as companion animals. The main conflict apparently involves a young girl who must face the machinations of an oppressive theocracy. Apparently the story is a somewhat thinly disguised commentary on the evils wrought by religions that gain political power. Computer graphics are heavily used to portray the companion animals and main characters in the story (which include an anthropomorphic polar bear-like creature).

It sounds exactly like my kind of story. It also apparently opens in theaters on December 7th…that is this upcoming Friday.

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  1. Well, I’m somewhat better than you, in so much as I knew this movie was coming since early summer… but that’s only because I saw the trailer while in the theatre.

    And of course now, there are the various religious fundy’s protesting that the movie is anti religious and the authour is an Atheist.

    Of course, even if true… neither of those things are a reason in themselves not to see a movie, anymore than a pro religious movie by a devout person is a reason to see it. The question that matters is, “is the movie well done and enjoyable to watch?”

    My Mother has read the books ( which, like you, also completely slipped passed my radar,) and she said they were very good. The trailers look good ( of course they always do 😉 ) and I like the fantasy genre… more than enough reason for me to go and see the film. The fact I haven’t read the books is probably a bonus, as I have no expectations that won’t be met.

  2. Your Mom liked the books? Then it sounds more and more promising.

    I miss out on hearing about these things because I (we) generally don’t go to see very many movies. I like the occasional movie, but Irene has many reasons not to: they are too loud, the screen is too big, you have to sit too close, and so on. That, coupled with my general stationary inertia, means that we don’t get out much.

    I’ll have to see if I can drag Irene to see Golden Compass, though.

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