Halo 3- no achievements on Easy Street

I bought Halo 3 the other day: count me as number 5,000,001.  I’ve been enjoying it: the story is intriguing.  I’d say the third installment of Halo is, thus far at least, better than its predecessors.

I selected “Easy” mode when I started.  I like easy, as I’ve explained in previous posts.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of XBox Live achievements for Halo 3 require you to at least be playing on “Normal”.  That’s okay…or it would have been if I’d known it before I got halfway (2/3rds of the way?) through the game.

Strangely, I find that I sort of want those darn achievements.  But I really don’t like playing the same content over and over again: that is at least part of the reason I play on the easy setting to begin with.  That leaves me with a frustrating choice to make: start all over again, potentially finding the more difficult “normal” mode to be as irritating as I expect it to be.  Or forego any achievements. 

I’ll make my choice.  But perhaps by posting this, someone else who might otherwise choose the easy setting will avoid the same trap I’m in 🙂

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