Aching jaw, and LOLCats…

I mentioned previously that I had some long-overdue dental work done last week on Thursday.  Post-dentist, it was relatively pain free.  Until Monday afternoon, that is, when it was as if some hitherto somnolent nerve suddenly awakened from its deep slumber.

To put it another way, I was in agony.  I’ve been taking far too many Tylenol 3s since then (they work wonderfully- it is like this is exactly the kind of pain they are designed for).  The most irritating thing: the pain is not specific to a tooth.  I can tap my teeth and get no twinge- the pain is radiating out through the jaw, sometimes seeming to come from the upper, sometimes from the lower.  A properly engineered nervous system would pinpoint the source of the pain- obviously, my body is defective.  So much for “intelligent design”.

On a completely unrelated note…I spend a few minutes each day checking out the collected and captioned cat (mostly cat) pictures on the “I Can Has Cheezburger?” website.   If you’ve never heard of this site and find it confusing, here’s the overview: for years, folks in various web forums have periodically created “fun” threads where people post cat or animal pictures with humorous captions.  These captions are generally written in a type of “baby” or “dude” speak: sort of pidgin English.  These captioned photos are sometimes called “lolcats” (Laugh out loud cats).  The I Can Has Cheezburger? site is one of the better-known/more popular places to see these pictures. 

I found this picture today, and for some reason it struck me as particularly funny…it might be the drugs 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Aching jaw, and LOLCats…”

  1. Glad to see your sense of humour gets kind of bizarre on the drugs. Your system may not be defective it could just be that the whole area is trying to tell you it’s ALL GONE WRONG!

    Or maybe this is just it’s way to tell you to not do that much work in one go after so long.

  2. I think you are right: my pain is the direct result of the anger of the Dental Gods. They are calling down hellfire and ruination upon me for failing to perform the proper ceremonies at their Holy Spitsinks….

  3. It’s the secret transmitter they put in your jaw that will have you hearing secret messages from Al Queada; “George Bush is a Weenie, Hairy women are sexy, Democracy is for Camel lovers” and the like.

    It’s conflicting with the secret transmitter microsoft has already implanted in your skull; “Bill is a genius, Vista is the best operating system ever … and we really mean it this time, not like when we said it for all the other versions of windows … linux is the spawn of satan.”

    It’s no wonder you are confused and your wife has to tell you what to do all the time! 😀

  4. To save money, they put in one transmitter: it says “George Bush is a [crackle…pop] genius. Vista is the best [crackle…bzzz] hairy women [zzzZZ-pop!] ever! Linux is the spawn of [hmmmmmmzzzzzZZZ] Camel lovers”

    Not even slightly confusing. It all makes perfect sense. Hand me another Tylenol 3…with codeine…

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